Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Resting Back Home

Dear Family & Friends,

I arrived home from the Meijer Heart Center yesterday (Feb. 23) after a twelve day stay. I recently figured that I have been in the hospital for 28 days since the beginning of September. I had been in such good health that I had never spent a night in the hospital in my life until getting sarcoidosis. I am overwhelmed with the prayer support from churches and individuals around the world.

I have had a rollercoaster experience during these past several weeks. I ended my last two days with a 36 hour nosebleed until a doctor cauterized the veins in my nose yesterday. I had two defibrillator shocks last Tuesday night while I was in the hospital because they could not get my heart to beat from its extreme irregular pattern. I had a reaction to medicine where I lost my speech for 30 minutes and they thought I was having a stroke.

This has been quite a journey but God is at work in my life and in others because of my illness. I want to bring glory to Him through this and through my devotionals. I will be sending my next email to you with the devotional and pray that it will be a challenge and blessing. Thank you for your prayer support and concern for my situation.

Joyfully In Christ,

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