Friday, February 20, 2009

February 19, 2009

Dear Friends,

I have been at the Miejer Heart Center for a week and finally they have found the right combination of medicines to control my irregular heart beat. I received good news on Monday from my heart cath that my heart is functioning twice as well as reported from the PETscan. The Petscan (Dec. 22) was taken when my heart was in one of its irregular heart patterns and I ended up in the hospital that night. We were hoping that those results were not accurate and that proved to be true. They have now taken me off the West Michigan Heart Failure Group and the heart transplant potential has been taken off the table.

They are going to treat me with a new medicine (Remicade) which has had some remarkable success with cardiac sarcoid patients. That was very encouraging news but then on Tuesday night at 9:00 PM (Feb. 17) my defibrillator went off twice and my heart was beating uncontrollably. They could not give me medicine at that time and the entire night I lived in fear of being shocked. By Wednesday afternoon things were under control and I am out of danger. I should be able to go home in a couple of days. I am thankful for God’s protection and His provision of grace during a difficult time. I have enclosed my next devotional and trust that it will be a blessing and spiritual challenge for you.

Joyfully In Christ,
Dan Currie

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