Monday, February 16, 2009

Extra Prayers for Today

Dad's heart catherization has been rescheduled for this morning. He is in OR Prep right now (9:30a.m.) and will hopefully be in surgery soon. This is a very important procedure in helping the doctors determine what dad needs next. He has three different doctors, all with varying opinions on what the next step of medical treatment should be. Our prayer is that this test will make it very clear what needs to be done and that all doctors will be in agreement so they can move ahead with confidence.

Thank you for your steadfast prayers and for not giving up hope that God is still capable of doing a miracle in dad. We cling to the knowledge that He is the Great Physician and Healer.

Specific prayer requests:

- Clear results from the heart catherization today.

- Extra knowledge and wisdom for the doctors as they work with dad who is a very 'unique' case. Dad's ready to be called something other than 'unique' :) He'd be very happy with status quo right now.

- Dad's heart to go back to a consistent, normal beat pattern. They've tried a few different medications and can't get it regulated right now. He will most likely need to remain in the hospital until it's regulated because the risk is too great of his defibrillator going off when he's not under close watch. They want to prevent that from happening as much as they can.

-Relief from the back pain mom is still experiencing on a regular basis.

Thank-you again for your great love for Mom & Dad -

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Cold Hollow said...

I'll be praying for you all today and in the coming days. Steve