Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Holidays

We have our entire family home for the Christmas holidays with all eighteen of us, including the eight grandchildren all under six years of age. We are so blessed as a family and so enjoy being together as family with our children, their spouses, and grandchildren. Patty will be going to see the chiropractor on Monday, Dec. 29, to see if they can help her with the back pain that she has had for six months. I spent a night at the Meijer Heart Center on Monday, Dec. 22, because my heart went into a serious irregular heart beat again. I had a petscan that morning in Lansing and that procedure could have set my heart into a frenzy. My heart would beat as fast as 200 beats a minute and then back to normal. The cardiologist thinks that changing the prednisone to 40 mg. a day from 80 mg. may have triggered this recent problem. They were able to get my heart back to normal and because of the holidays released me sooner than expected. I was so glad to get home for the holidays after being fearful that I would spend Christmas in the hospital. The journey with sarcoidosis has been a challenging time but we are thankful for the spiritual lessons that God is teaching us through my illness. Thank you for your prayer support and we do appreciate the many words of encouragement.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Answers To Prayer!

Thanksgiving Weekend

A quick note to let you know that dad found out the combination treatment is working well enough that his doctor is going to lower the dose of prednizone that he's on. Dad's been at 80 since summer and now has been reduced to 60 and by next week it will be lowered to 40. The combination of chemo and steriods has finally started to reduce the sarcoidosis. We are so grateful for positive news and hope that dad will begin to feel some relief from side affects soon! It's been so encouraging to hear words of hope from doctors instead of more discouraging news. We praise God for his continued faithfulness in this journey and pray for a steady road, to a more symptom free life for dad.

Thanks for your steadfast prayers and encouragement to all of us as a family,