Monday, February 16, 2009

An Answer to One of Our Prayers...

Dear Family,
I wanted to report on my heart cath today. We probably got the best news that we could have gotten from this test. The ejection fraction (level at which the heart pumps) was 35-40% which is twice what the PETscan showed over a month ago. We were not confident that the PETscan was reliable because my heart was beating off the chart at that time and I ended up in the hospital later that Day (Dec. 22). My arteries are in great shape with no blockage and the pressure tests were good. Instead of looking at putting a LVAD (artifiical heart pumpt) right away and being put on the list for a heart transplant they are gong to try some new medicine (Remicade) which has been successfull in some cardiac sarcoid patients. I am still in the hospital because they can not get my heart back to a normal beat and it is still irregular 75% of the time. Thank you for your concern and prayer support. I am encouraged and trusitng God that He will accomplish His plan in my life and that I will be a testimony of His grace.

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stephanie garcia said...

We are praising the Lord with you!!

Love, Pedro & Stephanie