Sunday, April 19, 2009

I wanted to report to you that I am feeling so much better this week and have made steady progress. The cardologist this week feels that the new treatment is working and my EKG showed a normal heart beat. They checked my device (defibrillator) and it only showed several minor episodes over the past three weeks. I want to thank you for your prayer support because I believe through prayer and treatment that God is working to bring healing. I also want you to know that I have been in contact with a man in N. Carolina that has cardiac sarcoid. His name is Kevin and is 46 years old and is a teacher and coach. He has had sarcoidosis for 12 years and struggled for ten years until he started taking Reliv , a nutrient supplement to increase your immune system. He is a Christian man and my daughter-in-law's aunt connected us together. His problems sound very similar to mine and yet since he has been taking Reliv it has helped him substantially and he is playing sports, exercising three times a week, and riding his mountain bike to school every day. It was great to talk to someone who understands and to also know that there can be long term improvement. I realize that this is all in God's hands but I am more encouraged than I have been in months. It is so hard for me to not be involved with people and to be out of the pulpit and I look forward to that day when God allows me that opportunity. I feel that I have so much to say and yet a very limited platform to say what God is teaching me through these life lessons.

Joyfully In Christ,


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