Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back at Home

Dear Family & Friends,

I am sorry to say this has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. I just arrived home from the hospital after spendin six days at the Meijer Heart Center in Grand Rapids. On Friday, March 20, I had another shock from my defibrillator. Apparently, my heart went into a serious irregular pattern but I do not know it until I get shocked. They have a new combination of drugs that they are treating me with. We are hoping and praying that this combination will work together to arrest and put the sarcoidosis in remission.

They did a procedure where they went up into my heart and cauterized some of the inflamed area. Because of the extent of the disease, they were only able to hit ten spots and put kind of a perimeter around the sarcoid. They are reaching the limits of what they can do, so the next step would be to send me to Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic.

One positive note is that the echocardiogram showed that my heart is functioning better than other tests have shown. It is actually at the low, normal range. I am feeling much better at the present time. Thank you for all of your concern and prayer support.

Joyfully In Christ,

Dan Currie

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